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The Ingredients of Stress

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What stresses you is different from what stresses your neighbour. But the recipe for stress is the same for everyone.

Here are the ingredients:

The ingredients of stress FeelingsExempleSolutions
You feel that you have little or no control of the situation.I would like to be in Mr. Beaulieu’s math class because I understand when he explains.Solution 1: I ask the principal to change my class.

Solution 2: I think of all my friends in the current class who can help me understand.
PERSONALITY UNDER THREAT Your skills and self-esteem are put to the test. You doubt yourself or your abilities. You failed the swimming test and are scared that you don’t have the ability to take it again.Solution 1: I will take two more lessons before trying again.

Solution 2: I’ll ask the coach what I can do to improve.
INSTABILITY Something completely unexpected happens or you can’t know in advance what is going to happen.You just learned that your parents are separating.Solution 1: I’ll get help from a counsellor.

Solution 2: I’ll talk about it with my best friend.
NOVELTY Something new happens that you have never experienced before.You change schools and you don’t know anyone in the new one.Solution 1: I’ll sit with classmates in the cafeteria.

Solution 2: I’ll sign up for lunch-hour activities.

The ingredients of stress are additive. The more elements present in a situation, the more stressful it is.

It’s your turn! Download the tool to help you discover the ingredients.


Taken from Comment favoriser l’expression des émotions de l’adolescent (How to encourage a teenager to express emotions), Fondation Jasmin Roy.

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