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How Can I Help My Child Manage Their Stress?

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  1. Manage your own stress
  2. Identify stress indicators in your child’s body language and behaviour
  3. Identify the causes of stress
  4. Encourage the youngster to remember past successes in the face of stressful situations
  5. Foster self-esteem by emphasizing their strengths and valuing their ideas, initiatives and the projects they undertake
  6. Help your child defuse stressful situations through humour
  7. Help your child stop their negative inner monologue by becoming aware of it
  8. Suggest strategies to your child to overcome problems or resolve conflicts
  9. Encourage your child to ask for help when needed
  10. Make your child aware that they have personal power over their learning
  11. Focus their school activities on the learning process (not marks!)
  12. Place more importance on the pleasure of learning rather than on performance
  13. Encourage your child to be physically active
  14. Help your child to do relaxation exercises
  15. Encourage their fundamental self-expression, that is, help them to express what they feel
  16. Express your unconditional love for them
  17. Have realistic expectations based on their abilities
  18. Respect their pace both in academics and in sports and recreational activities
  19. Have fun with them, spend happy moments together


  • Taken from a conference called Attention, enfant sous tension (Warning, Child under Tension) by Germain Duclos, psycho-educator and speech therapist
  • Gouvernement du Québec
  • Duclos, Germain, 2000. L’estime de soi: un passeport pour la vie (Self-esteem, a Passport for Life), Hôpital Sainte-Justine, p.115

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