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Tangage Challenge – Tool 6: Vaping and changing habits… How to remain motivated.

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In the whole habit-changing process, it’s normal for your motivation to fluctuate, especially since you will have some days that are more difficult.

First, if you don’t reach 100% of your objectives some days it doesn’t mean that everything is ruined.

It’s normal for you to experience “relapses”; they are part of a habit-changing process.

Therefore, don’t give up on the whole project because you vaped when you hoped to reduce or quit your habit.

Here are some things to try to increase your chances of achieving your objectives:

  • Set yourself a daily goal. To do this, don’t hesitate to consult the “Tool 5” section.
  • Identify why it is important for you to make this change, and post it in a visible place where you can see it many times a day. For example, on a piece of paper you can stick on a mirror, on the wall in your room, on the inside of your locker door, etc.
  • Ask a person you trust, youth or adult, to be your “personal motivator.” This person can encourage you and especially listen to you during your adventure. It helps for you to properly clarify your expectations of this person to avoid unpleasant situations where, despite good intentions, the person exceeds the limits of the role.
  • Allow yourself the time to take care of yourself. A process of changing habits takes energy and courage.
  • More than ever, your lifestyle is important.

Eat well. Enjoy yourself while preparing meals, discover new foods and savour each mouthful. Your body sends you hunger and satiety signals. Listen to them.

Get enough sleep. The quality of your sleep has an influence on your energy level, your mood and your morale.

  • Talk about your objectives with the people around you. You may be very emotional. You may be more irritable or feel a lack of motivation. By telling your friends and family members, such as your parents, this can make them more understanding and encourage their support for your journey.
  • Congratulate yourself as often as possible!!! For example, “Today I talked about my objectives with someone I trust. I am proud of myself.” “I am proud of myself because I said no this time while I said yes yesterday.” “I am proud of wanting to change my habits. I know it’s not easy, but I believe I will be successful.”

There you go! You have many tools in hand to support you in this adventure of changing your vaping habits.

You can succeed, and, above all, don’t forget that it can take time. Remember that you must persevere… As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

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