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Tangage Challenge – Tool 4: Vaping and stress… When illusion lulls us

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Ah! the famous stress, this factor that is so important to our survival but that sometimes causes us challenges and headaches.

It is normal when we feel stress to try to find a solution to feel better. Many ways exist to get there.

In some cases, vaping can be seen as a way to manage stress. However, this impression is false. It is important to know that nicotine does not act directly on stress. It is rather a stressor that adds to the already present stress in daily life.

You surely ask yourself why so many people feel some relief
from their stress when they vape.

When is person is in withdrawal from nicotine, their brain finds itself deprived of this substance which it was used to. It is therefore normal to feel various symptoms from among the following:

  • impatience
  • irritability
  • headaches
  • nervousness
  • dizziness
  • the shakes
  • anxiety
  • agitation

The common point among all these symptoms is that they increase the feelings of stress.

Withdrawal symptoms that appear between every dose when the level of nicotine is reduced stop almost instantly with the first puffs. At this point, the person gets their “fix” of nicotine. The calming then felt contributes to reinforcing the idea that vaping reduces stress. But this belief is false. Fluctuating all day, relief from withdrawal symptoms, felt as relaxation, can lead to the belief in the relaxing effect of vaping or smoking a cigarette, but, in fact, the nicotine only eases the additional stress that it had itself caused.

That is the reason that if you think about changing a vaping habit or if you simply want to find healthier ways to manage your stress, we suggest that you consult the Ways to Manage Stress section of the Fondation André-Boudreau website. You will discover a wide range of ideas there.

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