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Tangage Challenge – Tool 2: Vaping and habits… Challenges to inspire you

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Would like to change your vaping habits, but don’t know where to begin? Here are some challenges to inspire you.

If you want to reflect on your vaping habit

  • Today, I will take note of every time I vape.
  • Today, I will make a list of the reasons I vape.
  • Today, I will make an inventory of the reasons I would like to change my habits.
  • Today, I will write down why it important to me that I make changes.
  • Today, I will make a list of the positive people who can support me in changing my habits.
  • Today, I will make a list of the things and activities that make me feel good and calm me down.
  • Today, I will make a list of my good deeds and my past successes to inspire me.
  • Today, I will make, or will ask my good friends to help me make, a list of my qualities and my strengths.

If you want to reduce your vaping habit

  • Today, I will not vape during my school breaks.
  • Today, I will go out and vape on only one break, not two.
  • Today, I will vape with a lower level of nicotine.
  • Today, I will go to the recreation room to talk with my friends or the school counsellor during lunch period.
  • Today, I will talk about my desire to reduce my vaping with a friend of my choice.
  • Today, I will go take a “fresh air” break and take a walk without vaping.
  • Today, I will vape without nicotine.

If you want to quit vaping

  • Today, I will leave my vaper at home.
  • Today, I will use the breaks between classes to join a group of friends in the cafeteria or school library.
  • Today, I will participate in a lunch-hour activity organized at school or go to the gym.
  • Today, I will vape without nicotine.
  • Today, I will spend more time with my group of friends who don’t vape.
  • Today, I will call the nurse at the Smoking Cessation Centre to make an appointment by calling 1-844-440-AIDE (2433).
  • Today, I will consult the Quash app.
  • Today, I will focus on an activity that I enjoy, and I will take the time to enjoy it. (For example: listen to good music, read my favourite comic, eat a meal that I like or play a round of my favourite video game.)

No matter which challenge inspires you, don’t forget to celebrate every little victory.

For example, if you hope to not vape for a whole day but you succeeded for a whole afternoon, that’s a success. Your challenges must be realistic to avoid getting discouraged and to make you want to continue to try.

Did you notice that these are daily challenges? The advantage is that since every day is a new one, even if the day before seemed hard to you, you can always try again today. Keep going, you can do it!

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