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Tangage Challenge – Tool 1: Vaping… Weighing the pros and cons

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Do you sometimes say these things to yourself?

  • I feel like I can no longer control my vaping habit.
  • It feels like I spend lots of money buying vaping products.
  • I constantly think about vaping.
  • I think I sometimes vape even if I don’t really want to.
  • I have the feeling that I will never be able to quit vaping.
  • I want to quit, but I don’t think I can.
  • I get stressed when I know that I can’t vape.
  • I find it hard to space out my vaping times.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, rest assured that other young people are in the same situation as you.
It’s normal to question your habits and it’s possible that some of them no longer suit you.

Here are a few questions that may help you think about your use
of vaping products.

Do you feel like:

  • you vape more and more often? For example, using greater amounts by increasing the number of cartridges or the amount of nicotine?
  • vaping has harmful effects on your projects or activities?

Do you feel like:

  • vaping more to deal with stress, anxiety or to forget your problems?
  • using vaping products has less of an effect than before?

Is it possible:

  • that you vape despite the risks and troubles it causes you?
  • that members of your circle more and more often share their concerns about your use of vaping products?

Based on your responses to these questions, you should know that it is ALWAYS possible to change a habit that no longer suits you. Many young people in your situation have been able to.
In the following sections, you will find many tools to help you take action.

As a first step, we invite you to consult the Journal to begin this great adventure.

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