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Tangage Challenge – The Journal

Breathe tools

Who are we?
Tangage is a community group whose mission is the prevention of addictions through the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

How do we work?
We provide in-class workshops, booths, and conferences aimed at parents, as well as more fun activities to discuss with and inform young people about the various issues surrounding addictions, whether it be substance or screen use.

Did you know that …
This year, Tangage has joined the preventive RESPIRE campaign. This campaign is an initiative developed through collaboration between the Fondation André-Boudreau and the Public Health Department of the CISSS des Laurentides. The goal of this close collaboration is to provide you with the tools that can help you in the Tangage Challenge. The Respire campaign also provides lots of other tools that you will find useful in many other situations! Don’t hesitate to visit their website and social media. tuaslederniermot.com/en/

A challenge worthy of YOUR goals

Do you want to quit vaping, reduce your nicotine level or decrease the number of pods you use in a week?

Well, here is what we suggest: we invite you to try to change your vaping habits over the course of three weeks.

This will be a personal challenge to you and for you.

All goals are good! Choose the challenge that you want to take on!

If you want to change your tobacco use habits (cigarettes, for example), you may find the tool that we are presenting here to be useful.

The Journal

What is it and what is it for?
That’ s simple! It is a personal tool that belongs to you and that can accompany you throughout your challenge. It’ s up to you to use it in a way that makes sense to you!

What you will find in your journal

  • Tools to help you determine your goals
  • Resources to help you learn more about vaping
  • Strategies to help you throughout your challenge
  • Tricks and tips to help you stay focused on your goal

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