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Signs that Screens Are Taking Up Too Much Space

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  • Screens don’t stimulate me as much as they used to: I spend more time online than before, I look at more than one screen at a time and I am less interested in
    the content.
  • I can spend many hours in front of the screen without moving or eating.
  • I’ve lost interest in other activities that I used to enjoy.
  • I am no longer able to control my use. I no longer respect the rules for screen use set with my parents
  • Screens and online activities fill my thoughts
  • My internet use keeps me from seeing my friends and participating in
    family activities.
  • I lie about my screen use.
  • My screen use causes major family problems.
  • I notice effects on my health: I’m more stressed, I’ve gained weight,
    I sleep poorly, etc.


Capsana, Pause ton écran (Pause your screen). Adapted by the CISSS des Laurentides Public Health Department.

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