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Recommendations on Screen Use: Aim for Balance

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Whether you are a parent or a professional, it is important to be aware that the use of screens poses a risk. Rather than setting a time limit, aim for balance by:

  1. Trying to limit screen time in relation to other activities.
  2. Giving priority to quality content: young people can be exposed to ads for products causing health risks (such as energy drinks, vaping, etc.), online gambling, or violent sexual or fraudulent content.
  3. Choosing appropriate times: avoid screens during meals, before going to bed or during social occasions.
  4. Suggesting more screen-free time!

Also remember to devote time to responding to the young person’s basic needs and promoting their overall wellbeing: moving, sleeping, eating well, having healthy social relationships, etc.


Capsana. Pause ton écran (Pause your screen).

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