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Parent-Teen Cellphone Contract

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A cellphone is a really practical device! At the same time, its use can present risks to your health, wellbeing and safety that you and your parent surely want to prevent. Here is an example of a contract between you and your parent to help you agree on the way to properly use your smartphone.


  1. I will provide my parent with my account names and my passwords so that they can access my phone and the apps I use.
  2. I agree to abide by the school’s rules on cellphone use.
  3. I will answer when my parent calls or texts me.
  4. I am a respectful digital citizen, which means that I will be careful with what I write in texts and what I share online and on social media. When using my cellphone, I will behave as if the people are with me in person.
  5. I will be careful in my exchanges with others. Some people use all kinds of strategies to defraud others or steal their identities. I will never share my personal information and I will lock my phone.
  6. I will never share intimate content (photos, videos) whether of my own body or that of another person.
  7. I will put my phone away at least one hour before going to sleep. I will put it outside of my room or place it face-down and on silent mode so that it doesn’t disturb my sleep.
  8. I will put my cellphone away during meals, when I am talking with someone and during outings with my family.
  9. For my safety, I will avoid letting my cellphone be a distraction when I am walking, riding a bike or driving.
  10. I will be careful to not let my cellphone take up all my time! I know that I need to take the time to eat properly, to move around and to have contact with the people around me.
  11. I will monitor my use so that I don’t go over my monthly fees. If there is a cost overrun or if I break my cellphone, I agree to contribute to the cost of the repair or replacement of the device.


  1. I agree to pay the monthly costs of the cellphone.
  2. In general, I will respect my teenager’s privacy. If something concerns me, I will ask them before looking at their phone and I will do it in front of them.
  3. I will set a good example for my teen by limiting use of my cellphone at meals, during family outings or while driving, for example.
  4. I will not try to monitor my teenager but rather ensure that they use their cellphone in a responsible way to reduce as much as possible the risks to their health and wellbeing.

Download the pdf to be able to complete the contract.


Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse-De Blainville police department

Adapted by the CISSS des Laurentides Public Health Department.

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