Does vaping really pollute ?

The production of vaping cartridges, cigarettes and vaping waste has environmental consequences. You can reduce the environmental impact by : Your choice of products Discarding finished products in the proper places Reducing your vaping habit or by not vaping What are the annual impacts of the production of cartridges with nicotine and cigarettes around the […]

The Key Ring

Instructions: Cut out all the cards, laminate them and put them in the suggested order. Using a punch, make a small hole in the upper left corner of each card. Use a key ring to collect all the cards. Of course, you can customize them based on the challenges you want to deal with (depending […]

Parent-Teen Cellphone Contract

A cellphone is a really practical device! At the same time, its use can present risks to your health, wellbeing and safety that you and your parent surely want to prevent. Here is an example of a contract between you and your parent to help you agree on the way to properly use your smartphone. […]

My Support Network

One of the ways to help maintain or develop good mental health is to talk about what is happening to us. It is therefore important to have in mind a list of contacts to turn to when needed. Example of a list: My network, my community Telephone Website Tel-jeunes 1 800 263-2266 Kids Help […]

Asking for Help… It’s Not so Easy!

Sometimes you need to ask for help for yourself or for someone else. But many questions arise when you do. We also sometimes fear being judged or misunderstood. Here are some FAQs about asking for help: Who should I ask? You can ask someone you trust. To start with, the person doesn’t have to be […]

5 Key Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself to better manage your emotions and your stress. Here are some tips to feel better in your body and your mind: 1. Physical activity. Moving will allow you to release your stress. Find activities that you enjoy like walking your dog, dancing, playing basketball with your friends, and change your activity […]

The Ingredients of Stress

What stresses you is different from what stresses your neighbour. But the recipe for stress is the same for everyone. Here are the ingredients: SENSE OF CONTROL REDUCED PERSONALITY UNDER THREAT INSTABILITY NOVELTY The ingredients of stress Feelings Exemple Solutions SENSEOF CONTROL REDUCED You feel that you have little or no control of the situation. […]


The amount and quality of your sleep has a big influence on your energy level, your ability to concentrate, your mood, your morale, and your general wellbeing. These tips will help you sleep well. Your bedroom is a quiet place where you don’t hear much noise. Your bedroom is cool (18 °C to 20 °C). […]